IGTV on Instagram

Igtv - what is it and why is the new service attractive? Let's try to understand the article. On June 20, 2020, the developers of one of the most popular social networks in the world - Instagram - decided to surprise their fans with a novelty. This is the second biggest news from the creators of the entire existence of the application. By the way, the number of Instagram users has already exceeded 1 billion. And this means that igtv can be quite successfully used to promote the business. And if you are interested in instagram auto followers without login, look at the site.

What is IGTV on Instagram

Instagram TV is a platform where you can upload videos up to 60 minutes long, unlike Instagram itself, where the length is limited to 60 seconds. Of course, the desire of the developers is understandable - to compete with YouTube (as it turned out with Snapchat). But there is a difference - the videos remain in the Instagram format, that is, in a full-screen vertical format and with the ability to add effects and masks. And this means that it will be more convenient to watch such videos from the phone, and the creators' plan is designed for this. While the functionality of the application is limited by the fact that it is impossible to add a video lasting more than 10 minutes. But soon, the limit will be removed, and users will be able to fully use the igtv functionality. Despite the fact that the service appeared recently, many people have already appreciated it, including popular artists, singers and bloggers. Now everyone who downloads the application can try himself as a director by creating and downloading their own mini-films. And you can download instaTV both in the Playmarket and in Appstore.

Differences between IGTV and Storis live broadcasts

As it became clear, the main difference is the length. If the story was limited to 15 seconds, videos in igtv can last up to an hour.
Ability to rewind video. In full-format mode, a temporary tape is provided for this purpose at the bottom of the screen.
If on the air you received comments from viewers in real time, then in igtv, of course, there is no such possibility.

IGTV Features

Let's take a closer look at what igtv is on Instagram. Completely justifying its name, igtv uses the principle of television. You just need to run the application and watch, and not look for videos, revise and scroll through something. InstaTv synchronizes with your Instagram account and displays the video from the users you are subscribed to in the "Subscriptions" section. The “Popular” tab - there, as you might guess, the videos that get the most views. Under the “For You” button, those videos are hidden that, according to the application, are of interest to you - they are selected based on the list of subscriptions and current topics. Another tab “Look further”, where the last viewed video is saved at the moment you stopped. In this case, you can not even go to igtv, but watch the video through instagram. By the way, you can use the application both from a smartphone and from a computer, which is very convenient. Soon, the creators promise to launch the monetization option, which means the opportunity to make money on blogs.

How to use IGTV on Instagram

You can do without downloading the application, but be sure to update the version of Instagram installed on the smartphone. Still, it will be more convenient to download a separate igtv application.
We go to the downloaded application. A pop-up window will offer to register, specify the username and password from the Instagram account.
Preparatory actions are completed, now you can begin to master igtv.
When you open the service, a tape with rollers will open, you can move between them with swipes - by swiping left or right. If you want to find a video on a specific topic - fill in the keywords in the search, but they should be present in the name of the channel or profile name. You can support friends’s videos with like or commentary, or send the material you like to someone direct. To hide the bottom menu, click at the top of the screen, expand - press the "Browse" button in the bottom corner.

If you decide to create your own channel, you can do it this way:

  • From Instagram. We search and click the igtv icon at the top of the screen (where the direct icon is).
  • From igtv: at the bottom of the screen, there is a gear to the right - click and select the line “Create Channel”.
  • And in that and in another case, a short slide show with a description of the features of the program will follow. The creation of the channel is completed - by the way, there is a limit on their number. You can create a single channel per profile. To download the first video, click "Download video" and select the one you need from the library, simultaneously naming it and coming up with a description. An active link can be placed in the description, while on Instagram only profiles with more than 10 thousand subscribers can do this. You can also select the cover for the video yourself, directly from the frames, or by uploading a picture.